Thursday, October 10, 2013

Alaminos, Pangasinan

Hundred Island, Alaminos City, Pangasinan

It was holiday in the Philippines and my feet was itching to go somewhere, we have had the plan to do a long drive just about anywhere a car can reach hahaha; thanks Pnoy for this unplanned calendar holiday. Woke up extra early on a Friday to prepare our stuff and by 5am left the house to gas up. By 6am we were heading to NLEX, hihihi felt super happy that we were on the road; finally it’s been a while since I had a long drive. Anyway, couldn’t drive on the express way since my license was expired and the bf was too lenient on obeying the law. I'm getting used to this passenger thing set-up, though I like it better behind the wheel. I often push him to do occasional over take and over speeding cause it’s fun :D. (hope my mom's not reading this she'll kill me if she knew I always ask to go over 160kph)

North Luzon Express Way

It has been ages since I visited Pangasinan and have a faint remembrance of Hundred Islands, so we decided to put our wanderlust selves here. Our 3 days long drive itineraries were Pampanga – Tarlac – Alaminos – Bolinao. Stopping at different towns as we go really no plans just following our hearts on this 3 days’ vacation.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Bohol, Philippines

Booked the plane tickets to Bohol 6 month before I took this trip. I usually do this, booked first then plan later since there are a lot of Piso or half fare scheme on domestic airlines here in the Philippines.

So, I actually didn't plan much since my sister has been here and she just gave the number of the tour guide that could arrange everything from airport pick-up, hotel accommodation and tour packages. In case you'd want to know you may contact Kuya Earl +63 2 918 517 36 18. He's very friendly and even take you to places not included in the package. For single traveler you will be mixed with 3-4 people, the vehicle he owns are Toyota L300 and Hyundai Starex. Maximum of people he usually takes per tour are 4-6 only so you'll have a lot of room in the vehicle.

When travelling solo, it's better to hire a van since most destination are kilometers away from the main city or if your staying by the beach (which is in Panglao). There are tricycles in the city but could only take you farthest would be Baclayon Church, the rest of the tourist spot is by the mountains.

Booked my ticket via Cebu Pac

Clear skies all the way to Tagbilaran, great way to start my journey to
Tagbilaran, Bohol.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Starfish Island, Palawan - Philippines

Another leg of our vacation/birthday celebration I planned a Honda Bay Tour, since my goal is to finish all the 13 island. For my second visit, we went to Starfish Island and Pandan Island. Since our trip was cut short due to change of schedule we had only 2 island stops. But still, we enjoyed the 2 island.....a lot! *big grin*

By this time, from light brown color I think my skin turned super tan. Since we were always out when we were staying in Dos Palmas the previous day, but this is just the way I like my skin :D. Pinay na pinay pero singkit :P.

Starfish Island is near Pambato Reef, aroud 20-30min boat ride from the dock at Lourdes Pier. The island is a bit small, and there were a lot of mangroves on the middle of the island same as that of Luli island. According to our boat men, there are saltwater crocodile (but very small) on some of the mangroves there. Which stopped us from walking near the mangroves (very sad i wanted to see a live tamilok).

Starfish Island

Welcome to Starfish Island. With our handy photographer tripod and
wireless trigger. :)

From the name of the island you'd know what's abundant in the area. So there we were after taking some snapshot like were doing a pre-nup (but there's no plan so whatever your thinking its not it!), we decided to buckle up our life vest secure our goggles and head off to the sea to see some live starfishes. And damn we forgot to put sun block againnnnn :'(. We might turn charcoal this time. haha.

ohh this is my banner photo... hehehe. Using my iphone's panorama

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

My Birthday at Dos Palmas, Palawan

For my 24th birthday I chose Palawan of all places I could go to celebrate it. Accompanied by codename Vic we spent 3 days and 2 nights there. Dos Palmas Resort and Spa is a one hour boat ride from Puerto Princesa's Lourdes Port. Only 100 guests are allowed on the island.

Zest Air - was our airline when we went to Palawan

Dos Palmas

Dock Port Bridge at Dos Palmas

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Missed Opportunity

I entered a contest for technoodling last February 28. The prize was an " Olloclip 3-in-1 lens " for iphone 5. Never in my wildest dream did I ever think that I will win, but luckily I did. See my name is the first in line. hahaha but I never knew I won till today May 15, 2013.

I always check my FB account but never the spam message, but this morning I don't know why but I had this urge to suddenly check my spam message folder. The assistant editor of technoodling messaged me that I should check this link

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Pamabato Reef, Honda Bay - Palawan

From Luli Island, we went to Pambato Reef for our last stop on our Honda Bay tour. They call it "the mini Tubbataha Reef" home to giant clams  or taklabo in tagalog, different type of fishes and thousands of live corals. It was a joint project of Bantay Kalikasan an ABS-CBN foundation in partnership with Palawan Government.

The site is marked by a giant turtle or Pawikan as we call it here in the Philippines. It's very deep according to the boat man/dive guide the deepest part he know is about 30-40 feet. We snorkeled on the shallow part which is 10-15feet. from below you could see the abundant corals and fishes swimming.

Sadly, our underwater camera died due to low battery. We had so much fun swimming and taking photos on the other island. If ever you'll visit Palawan, a must site to see is Pambato Reef.

Heading to Pambato Reef

Pambato Reef
Pambato Reef is marked by a Giant Pawikan

Hello there :)

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Luli Island, Palawan - Philippines

I guess from the island I've visited during our Honda Bay tour this would be my  favorite spot. Though in this area, the sea gets deep faster than that of Cowrie Island. First of all, it was named Luli Island short for Lulubog-Lilitaw or it's sink-appear syndrome every time the sea goes to a low and high tide mode.

During the low-tide season the sand could be seen and also the Nipa hut they built on the island. But on high-tide season only the mangroves forest are visible. I know for those who have watched or read Life of Pi, it will remind you of the man eating island included in the story.

Anyway it's one of the best spot to feed the fishes, I mean there are literally school of fishes swimming under your legs or in between your legs which is really tickling. Be sure to bring 2 plastic bags of bread, 1 is not enough for this hungry bunch. And a must would be an underwater camera since the water is so clear your photos will surely turnout great! So here's another peek at our fun adventure on Luli Island :

Luli island
Luli Island :)

Luli island
Luli Island Shoreline

Luli island
I like the way it floats :)

Friday, April 26, 2013

Cowrie Island (Honda Bay), Palawan - Philippines

For our first stop during the Honda Bay tour we went to Cowrie Island to rest, swim and take our lunch. The tour guide from Wild Rock Tours was kind enough to cook our lunch so we can go swim and catch starfish and a few clown fish. We might even find nemo here :).

Cowrie island is relaxing its as if you'd never want to leave the island. I love their Buko halo - halo and Banana Mango Shake. For those who can't swim the sea is calmer in this area and there is a net line to guide you.But I still urge you to put on your vest and go to the deeper part to see the magnificent coral reef formation and school fishes swimming under your legs, really tickling.

The island has white to light brown sand, there's not much rocks on the shore so you can walk around. but wear your aqua shoes when you swim because of sea urchins that may be under the sands. A few snap shots again for better visualization.

Outrigger canoe at the pier

Paparazzi shot from Seychelle

Puerto Prinsesa Subterranean River National Park - Palawan

Visiting Palawan wouldn't be complete without a visit to Puerto Prinsesa Subterranean River National Park previously known as St.Paul's Subterranean National Park. As of 2012 it belonged to the New Seven Wonders of the World ( therefore, I'm down to 6 more that I need to visit @_@).

You have to book early if you want to visit the cave since they only allow around 1500 person per day, to of course preserve the location. It's truly an enjoyable 1 hour tour, you get to see a lot of formation when your inside. A reminder to all who wants to visit the underground river "Do not open your mouth if you're looking towards the ceiling of the cave". There are a lot of bats inside the cave, they may drop a bomb that could land inside your open mouth.

Here's a sneak peak on how beautiful the place is, sorry for some blurry shot.

On our way to the underground river, the sea's a bit of fighter!

Saw the other boat where Elly's mom and dad were in.

Puerto Prinsesa, Palawan - Philippines

I guess this would be one of the best places to visit here in the Philippines. Palawan, unlike Boracay is less crowded, there's not a lot of people who stops you when you're walking to offer you stuff. You could walk around tourist spot quietly and enjoy the scenery. But a friendly reminder from the Palawe├▒os, "To Take Only Pictures and Leave Only Footprints". 

Together with my balikbayan Aussie bestfriend and her family we explored Palawan for 3 days and left with a heart full of joy, a memory of the beautiful place and tons of photos. So here are few snapshots, sorry if there are goofy shots hehe we can't help but kid around.

aerial view of palawan
Aerial view of Palawan

Puerto Prinsesa Airport

Because I love CRABSSSS!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Boracay Island, Philippines

Boracay Island, Philippines
Boracay Island, Philippines

Finally, visited one of the most famous beach in the world the "Island of Boracay". It was when my best friend (elly) who is now living in Australia went for a vacation here in the Philippines. We bonded, talked a lot, catch-up on the last 4 years that we haven't seen each other and explored Boracay. So here are some sample photos that reflects how much fun we had and the beauty of the white sand beach that Boracay is famous for.

Photos : All Rights Reserved to Tigran Corpuz

During our island hopping trip we stopped at Puka Beach. Where it is famous for Puka Shells.
It's a beautiful island, but please do not buy buko juice here its a bit expensive (it costs about 100PHP or USD $2.40).

outrigger canoe
Outrigger Canoe