Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Missed Opportunity

I entered a contest for technoodling last February 28. The prize was an " Olloclip 3-in-1 lens " for iphone 5. Never in my wildest dream did I ever think that I will win, but luckily I did. See my name is the first in line. hahaha but I never knew I won till today May 15, 2013.

I always check my FB account but never the spam message, but this morning I don't know why but I had this urge to suddenly check my spam message folder. The assistant editor of technoodling messaged me that I should check this link

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Pamabato Reef, Honda Bay - Palawan

From Luli Island, we went to Pambato Reef for our last stop on our Honda Bay tour. They call it "the mini Tubbataha Reef" home to giant clams  or taklabo in tagalog, different type of fishes and thousands of live corals. It was a joint project of Bantay Kalikasan an ABS-CBN foundation in partnership with Palawan Government.

The site is marked by a giant turtle or Pawikan as we call it here in the Philippines. It's very deep according to the boat man/dive guide the deepest part he know is about 30-40 feet. We snorkeled on the shallow part which is 10-15feet. from below you could see the abundant corals and fishes swimming.

Sadly, our underwater camera died due to low battery. We had so much fun swimming and taking photos on the other island. If ever you'll visit Palawan, a must site to see is Pambato Reef.

Heading to Pambato Reef

Pambato Reef
Pambato Reef is marked by a Giant Pawikan

Hello there :)

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Luli Island, Palawan - Philippines

I guess from the island I've visited during our Honda Bay tour this would be my  favorite spot. Though in this area, the sea gets deep faster than that of Cowrie Island. First of all, it was named Luli Island short for Lulubog-Lilitaw or it's sink-appear syndrome every time the sea goes to a low and high tide mode.

During the low-tide season the sand could be seen and also the Nipa hut they built on the island. But on high-tide season only the mangroves forest are visible. I know for those who have watched or read Life of Pi, it will remind you of the man eating island included in the story.

Anyway it's one of the best spot to feed the fishes, I mean there are literally school of fishes swimming under your legs or in between your legs which is really tickling. Be sure to bring 2 plastic bags of bread, 1 is not enough for this hungry bunch. And a must would be an underwater camera since the water is so clear your photos will surely turnout great! So here's another peek at our fun adventure on Luli Island :

Luli island
Luli Island :)

Luli island
Luli Island Shoreline

Luli island
I like the way it floats :)