Tuesday, June 4, 2013

My Birthday at Dos Palmas, Palawan

For my 24th birthday I chose Palawan of all places I could go to celebrate it. Accompanied by codename Vic we spent 3 days and 2 nights there. Dos Palmas Resort and Spa is a one hour boat ride from Puerto Princesa's Lourdes Port. Only 100 guests are allowed on the island.

Zest Air - was our airline when we went to Palawan

Dos Palmas

Dock Port Bridge at Dos Palmas

So we almost had the island for ourselves. No buzzing crowd and fleet of people walking around. It was a nice place to stay and to snorkel or even scuba dive.

the best birthday gift ever :)

It was a perfect choice to celebrate the wonderful 24 years of my life. Accompanied by someone who makes me smile and loves my little and annoying antics. Though I wanted my family to be there and celebrate with me the conditions won't permit. One of my deepest wish during my birthday was for my Dad and I hope it will be granted.

Enough of the melodrama, if you want to book you can go directly to Dos Palmas website. Or for Day Tour packages I would recommend to book one at Wild Rock Travel and Tour, I have tried them twice and their services are superb.

I suggest to visit Dos Palmas and Honda Bay if ever you're in Palawan. I love Palawan -- the food, the people, the place and nature.

Welcome Drinks upon arrival at the island

Snorkeling /Water activity dock

Nipa Huts - Sleep and rest while you're here

Dos Palmas Bay

Viewing Villa

Bridge walk to the dock

There are also other activities you could try at Dos Palmas such as Biking, Kayaking, Snorkeling, Swimming and Scuba Diving. They have recreational area such as Tennis Court, Basket Ball Court and Pool Table. Sadly, we didn't try kayaking since we were hooked up with swimming in the sea and snorkeling.

Kayaks free for use

Ohh no, I have no flippers :( 

Love under the sea with codename vic :) <3

Many fishes --- love snorkeling here

Abundant Coral Reef

Giant Clam or Taklobo

Flippers --- i want one too :)

Abundant coral formation

Who said Nemo was hard to find?

Clown Fish

Hey there scuba mates

Around Dos Palmas. I really enjoyed just walking under the sun. I don't care if get too tan :P, just love the salty and fresh air coming from the sea. The sound of the waves as it hits the shore. And the calming feeling of the big blue sea. The vastness of the sea makes you feel so small, it's as if reminding you that your one tiny grain walking and living on earth.

Dinning Area for Buffet Lunch

Happy 24th Birthday to me. :) 

Emote moment

I just can't contain my joy :D


lovely swing chair

Bridgewalk to the boat dock

just enjoying the view

Swimming Pool

Relax and enjoy Dos Palmas

Panorama of the swimming pool area

Contemplating ... lol


The pool near the Spa Center

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