Monday, October 20, 2014

We're Pregnant :)

I recently found out exactly September 25, 2014 that I was pregnant. Funny thing is I never really new that I would be since I've been wanting one since May of 2014, but I guess work and stress really got in the way. I took 4 pregnancy test all turned out positive, I told Tigran we were having a baby he was really excited. He keep saying "yes jackpot" and told me he was really excited to becoming a dad. We couldn't tell my mom or his mom since we're not yet married. (to readers out there, it's your personal choice whether you want to get married and have a kid or vice versa like what we did).

I guess, I was never the marrying type I always wanted to go on my own though we've been together for the past 3 years now and I am really happy with him. But I just never saw myself settling down at 25, as I think he also did. That's why when I asked him if we should have a baby I think he took it as sign that he was the one that I would want to settle for the rest of my life but was to afraid to tell him directly. I always have a funny thought playing in my head that I have not traveled enough or accomplished enough to settle down, but then again I said it's not the number of places you've been in your lifetime but the actual feeling of being content in just being in one place, I guess that is the true happiness, since not a lot of people can do that, though a lot of people can travel and move out and just walk away from family. I guess we all choose our path of happiness, as I would now be choosing to travel with my soon to be little family. I do look forward to taking the little one on silly one day road trip or food hunt or wherever, as long as we are together.

It was funny, I had the baby checked and we found out I was already 6 weeks with our baby. I was surprised since I told my doctor we'd been travelling back and forth to Baler for the whole month of August and I was really craving for Decaf Caramel Macchiato, for the whole duration of August till the day I found out I was pregnant, I would drink Grande or Venti Decaf Caramel Macchiato at Starbucks everyday, I was afraid of the effect to our baby. But my doctor assured us that we can put the past behind and try to provide as much nutrients to baby as possible.

Another challenge we had to face aside from telling our parents that they are soon to be grandparents was that I had Myoma Uteri, I had to undergo a month of bed rest inorder to avoid miscarriage. We called Tigran's mom after and told her about the news she was ecstatic I could feel her energy coming from the other line, she was really looking forward to becoming a Lola or Grand Mother since this is her first, for my mom this would be her fifth so I guess she wouldn't be that enthusiastic but she'll still be happy to have another addition to our big family.

My doctor advised me to do at least 90% bed rest, no long distance walking, even riding the car for more than 20km is prohibited. I had to take Duphaston to help prevent miscarriage and also Cefalin to cure my UTI, which my doctor said is quite common for pregnant women.

After 3 weeks, it was the check up that we have both been praying to have a positive result and also dreading to go to but we have to. We were both in the OB GYN ultrasound and I was really nervous, I know that Tigran was really scared too, but we were putting everything in God's hand whatever is the outcome of this, if the baby would not have a heartbeat and we had to terminate then we have to accept it since God always has a plan. But we know God is good, he would not give this blessing if it was not meant for us.

As the OBGYN was checking the small round sac in my belly, she was a bit worried because there was no heartbeat. She kept on checking and checking but there was none, she was already explaining that and typing that there is no cardiac response on the little sac I have inside. I was holding back my tears and Tigran was rubbing my forehead and touching my hair we were really quiet even her assistant was quiet. Then by some miracle we saw a heartbeat, it was fast like a blinking light we could see it on the ultrasound monitor and we all rejoiced. The baby have a strong heartbeat that's what she said and the baby was growing since from the measurement of the sac, it seems that the baby is already eating. I couldn't put into words what I was feeling, we were both overwhelmed with joy. Thanking everyone who prayed for me and my baby, for my family, everyone who remembered and included us in their prayers. We thank God for this wonderful gift and we would do our best to keep this baby safe and help do good.

God is Good :)

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

DAY 2: Hongkong Disneyland and Victoria Harbour

Being a kid at Hongkong Disneyland

We woke up extra early since our itinerary were quite full, morning till afternoon would be for Hongkong Disneyland, then just before dawn we need to go to the Avenue of Stars and Victoria Harbour, then go back to Disneyland for closing parade and fireworks.

From Silka Far East Hotel in Tsuen Wan we rode the train going to the line were Disneyland Resort Station is, which is near the airport mtr line. From Tsuen Wan to Disneyland, the fare price is around HKD15 (PHP87). Commuting in Hongkong is very convenient since trains are interconnected, so it's very easy to go to different tourist spots and shopping districts.

We bought our tickets to Disneyland online I think about 2 days before our flight, this is to avoid the long queue on the ticket booths at Disneyland. I usually buy tickets online if I could, because I don't want to waste my time on queue since, I know that my vacation is always numbered so I want to maximize everything. Good thing tho, because when we went there all ticket booths are lined up with at least 50 persons, we bypassed the normal line and proceeded to the online express ticket booth and, Voila! 3 minutes we are inside Disneyland.

Sorry if the photo is a bit vintage looking, I am trying out certain look and feel
till I get what style I want. I am trying to explore Lomo type of photos

Hongkong Disneyland

Happy <3

Again, at the end of this article you will see the different modes of transportation to get to Hongkong Disneyland Resort. Don't worry it's really easy and remember even if you get lost, don't worry just enjoy it, you'll get there no matter what.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Day 1 Part 2: Lei Cheng UK Han Tomb Museum and Peak Tram

Continuation of our Day 1 Tour in Hongkong, if you want to go back to the previous article please click here. I am warning you this is a long post since I am detailing as much as I could remember for readers who would want to do their own DIY tour in Hongkong, China.

After eating lunch, we searched for a tourist spot near Sham Shui Po since we were already there. The map pointed us in a place called Lei Cheng Uk Han Tomb Museum, which was less than 2km from Alpui Flea Market, we decided to ride the train and alight at Cheung Sha Wan Station (1 station away from Sham Shui Po, view HK MTR MAP). From Cheung Sha Wan Station, take Exit A and walk along Tonkin Street for approximately five minutes.

Cheung Sha Wan MTR Station

Take Exit A from Cheung Sha Wan Station and you'll arrive at Tonkin Street
I really liked that everywhere there are pigeons on the streets, I was almost about to feed them with crackers when I saw a sign that it is prohibited to feed them! haha Save by the sign :). Post boxes are still well scattered, which made me happy knowing that papers and letters are not obsolete on these parts of the world where almost everyone owns a smart phone.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Day 1 Part 1: Airport, Flea Market, Trains and getting to know Hongkong

This marks our first international trip together as a couple, though we've both been traveling around different parts of Asia him mostly with his family and me, well I am always traveling alone till I met him. Which made me realize there is indeed a beauty when you're traveling with someone that you're comfortable with and as excited as you to learn about new things. I thought I would not enjoy since I believe he might be a sort of an excess baggage and another emotional key chain that I need to carry around. But hence, he helped me and with his tech savvy-ness guided me to the different places that I listed on our itinerary. We have been traveling together for a year now, but mostly domestic flights and long drive in different provinces here in the Philippines.

Our carrier for this Hongkong, China trip is Cebu Pacific Airlines, you can get promo tickets here I got ours for roughly PHP5700 (130USD) good for 2pax back and forth. You can see I like traveling on a budget when it comes to booking an airline, I want as much as possible to indulge on food, experience and other stuff that could be found at that place, for me this is money well spent.

Bound to Hongkong via Cebu Pacific

We arrived on a cold morning, temperature is around (12-15 degrees Celsius) coming from a tropical country this is chilly for me. I really like their spacious airport reminds me of Thailand and Malaysia. Remember to buy your Octupus Card at the kiosk inside the airport, this is one card for all transportation in Hongkong it's really handy and valid for 5 years.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Baler, Aurora

Baler, Aurora, Philippines

Upon writing this article, let me just say that I've been to Baler, Aurora twice. First was around August 25,2014 and the second visit was just a weekend ago September 5, 2014 let's just say I really liked the place. Hahaha :)

It was around 3hrs drive from Tarlac Province, (coming from Manila I think it's about 5-6 hrs) there are actually two road networks you can opt to choose if you're going here via : Maria Aurora-Pantabangan Road and Baler-Bongabon Road. We chose the 1st route Maria Aurora - Patanbangan Road since the 2nd option was still undergoing renovation and road widening. The road is about 90% smooth there are fewer roads that haven't been paved yet, but not more than 500 meters, so if you're carrying a small car ( not 4x4 ) you're car can still survive this road. Other details on how to get to Baler is posted below.

On the Maria Aurora - Pantabangan Road you can see the breathtaking Pantabangan Dam and even pass by Nueva Viscaya on your way to Baler, Aurora. So savor the 3 hrs drive, enjoy the view and roll down your window to smell the fresh mountain air. It was a tricky drive, specially on the curves when nearing Maria Aurora, I could only manage to drive halfway through the road my boyfriend and I had to switch, he took my place on the driver seat (yes!he is indeed very, very good when it comes to driving that's one of the things I love about him I am not bragging but he's a defensive and offensive driver hahaha indeed if he wanted to pursue racing i'm sure he can nail it). <3

Pantabangan Dam, Maria Aurora - Pantabangan Road

We arrived around lunch time, we needed to find ourselves some delicious meal to satisfy our hunger. While driving around, we passed by Yolly's ihaw-ihaw it was not that hard to convince myself to eat here since the lobsters and crabs are displayed on a glass shelf outside, ohh man was I drooling. I ordered, boiled lobster for 250PHP ( prices vary depending on the size)  which is really really really cheap for me, since here in Manila it's too expensive for me to eat a lobster. Not to worry, Yolly's ihaw-ihaw is near mercury drugs and Baler Municipal Hall this establishment can easily be located.