Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Luli Island, Palawan - Philippines

I guess from the island I've visited during our Honda Bay tour this would be my  favorite spot. Though in this area, the sea gets deep faster than that of Cowrie Island. First of all, it was named Luli Island short for Lulubog-Lilitaw or it's sink-appear syndrome every time the sea goes to a low and high tide mode.

During the low-tide season the sand could be seen and also the Nipa hut they built on the island. But on high-tide season only the mangroves forest are visible. I know for those who have watched or read Life of Pi, it will remind you of the man eating island included in the story.

Anyway it's one of the best spot to feed the fishes, I mean there are literally school of fishes swimming under your legs or in between your legs which is really tickling. Be sure to bring 2 plastic bags of bread, 1 is not enough for this hungry bunch. And a must would be an underwater camera since the water is so clear your photos will surely turnout great! So here's another peek at our fun adventure on Luli Island :

Luli island
Luli Island :)

Luli island
Luli Island Shoreline

Luli island
I like the way it floats :)

Luli island
The Mangroves forest - the only thing visible during high tide season

Luli island
Hey there little star fella - loving the white colored sand

Pat and elly enjoying the wind

Me - enjoying the wind too :*

Us enjoying the cage 

School of fishes - yipee

Happy to dive and swim with the fishes - resting a bit

Elly and her starfish

we love Palawan!

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