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Alaminos, Pangasinan

Hundred Island, Alaminos City, Pangasinan

It was holiday in the Philippines and my feet was itching to go somewhere, we have had the plan to do a long drive just about anywhere a car can reach hahaha; thanks Pnoy for this unplanned calendar holiday. Woke up extra early on a Friday to prepare our stuff and by 5am left the house to gas up. By 6am we were heading to NLEX, hihihi felt super happy that we were on the road; finally it’s been a while since I had a long drive. Anyway, couldn’t drive on the express way since my license was expired and the bf was too lenient on obeying the law. I'm getting used to this passenger thing set-up, though I like it better behind the wheel. I often push him to do occasional over take and over speeding cause it’s fun :D. (hope my mom's not reading this she'll kill me if she knew I always ask to go over 160kph)

North Luzon Express Way

It has been ages since I visited Pangasinan and have a faint remembrance of Hundred Islands, so we decided to put our wanderlust selves here. Our 3 days long drive itineraries were Pampanga – Tarlac – Alaminos – Bolinao. Stopping at different towns as we go really no plans just following our hearts on this 3 days’ vacation.

We were in Gerona, Tarlac by 9am and took a quick breakfast at Isdaan. From there it’s about 2 and half hours’ drive to Alaminos, Pangasinan. We arrived at his Grandparents (Milagros Inn) lodge before lunch. Milagros Inn is a 2 minutes’ walk from Lucap Wharf the port for Hundred Island tour. It’s a 3 storey building with rooms for 2 up to a group of 8. Price range is about 350PHP (backpacker) to 1000PHP (standard double and AC room) all equipped with hot showers. I do recommend this place since it’s near Lucap Wharf and Maxine seafood restaurant. Specially, this place has an endless view of Alaminos Hundred Island.

100 Island Marker before entering the town of Alaminos

Hundred Islands

Maxine Restaurant and Lodge

After lunch, we decided to rent a private boat for 1400PHP (USD$32) so we can view and stop longer on the islands. Anyway, this trip was after a huge typhoon here in the Philippines so we were really wishing for a sunny weather. We had at least 4hrs to go about the islands, there are a total of 127 islands but more or less 20 islands have shores the rest are rocks and trees so you couldn’t go down you’ll just pass by.

Part of the islets and island at Hundred Island

Part of the islets and island at Hundred Island

Part of the islets and island at Hundred Island

Part of the islets and island at Hundred Island

Sun kissed skin at Alaminos

These groups of islets and islands can be seen at the northeastern part of Alaminos City, Pangasinan. Of the 127 islands, only 3 are developed and have some facilities for tourist- Children’s island, Governor’s island and Quezon Island.

First stop is the Governor’s Island; it is where Pinoy Big Brother was shot. We didn’t have the time to explore the whole island since we were scramming to get to another island before it starts to rain. There is a viewing deck on this island where you can view the whole island and islet of Alaminos.

Governor's Island

Yey! vacay :)

Cave at Governor's Island

Our tour guide, daughter of our bankero 

At the view deck in Governor's Island --backdrop Hundred Island

Passed by Marcos Island, on this island you can jump through a big whole and ending up in an indoor swimming pool. Didn’t have the strength to do a jump in since the wave was to strong and the tide was high due to the previous typhoon. They call the indoor pool as Imelda’s Cave.

Our little tour guide - enjoying the sea breeze

Islet - Hundred Island


Marcos Island

Imelda's Cave
We went to the snorkeling area before heading to Quezon Island, did a few snap shots under water but the water current was too strong for us. The water is also shady and gray due to the typhoon on the previous day.

Catched a few Lapu-lapu 

Coral Reef

Second to the last stop was at Quezon Island, they have picnic facilities, kayaks and food stores. There is a giant clam breeding area here near the boat port. They are as big as my arms -- wide spread. 

Quezon Island

Quezon Island

Photo op near the Giant Clam breeding area

Quezon Island - Shore

Manual Quezon  statue 

Man made bridge leading to the other part of Quezon Island

Our 2 lovely tour guide

wanted to take the plunge but couldn't -- too strong waves

Giant Clam breeding area

Last stop was Cuenco Island, it is small cave that you can pass through to go the other side. It’s a bit rocky and there a few bats on the ceiling.

Cuenco Island

Cuenco Island -- tunnel 

Children's Island

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