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Baler, Aurora

Baler, Aurora, Philippines

Upon writing this article, let me just say that I've been to Baler, Aurora twice. First was around August 25,2014 and the second visit was just a weekend ago September 5, 2014 let's just say I really liked the place. Hahaha :)

It was around 3hrs drive from Tarlac Province, (coming from Manila I think it's about 5-6 hrs) there are actually two road networks you can opt to choose if you're going here via : Maria Aurora-Pantabangan Road and Baler-Bongabon Road. We chose the 1st route Maria Aurora - Patanbangan Road since the 2nd option was still undergoing renovation and road widening. The road is about 90% smooth there are fewer roads that haven't been paved yet, but not more than 500 meters, so if you're carrying a small car ( not 4x4 ) you're car can still survive this road. Other details on how to get to Baler is posted below.

On the Maria Aurora - Pantabangan Road you can see the breathtaking Pantabangan Dam and even pass by Nueva Viscaya on your way to Baler, Aurora. So savor the 3 hrs drive, enjoy the view and roll down your window to smell the fresh mountain air. It was a tricky drive, specially on the curves when nearing Maria Aurora, I could only manage to drive halfway through the road my boyfriend and I had to switch, he took my place on the driver seat (yes!he is indeed very, very good when it comes to driving that's one of the things I love about him I am not bragging but he's a defensive and offensive driver hahaha indeed if he wanted to pursue racing i'm sure he can nail it). <3

Pantabangan Dam, Maria Aurora - Pantabangan Road

We arrived around lunch time, we needed to find ourselves some delicious meal to satisfy our hunger. While driving around, we passed by Yolly's ihaw-ihaw it was not that hard to convince myself to eat here since the lobsters and crabs are displayed on a glass shelf outside, ohh man was I drooling. I ordered, boiled lobster for 250PHP ( prices vary depending on the size)  which is really really really cheap for me, since here in Manila it's too expensive for me to eat a lobster. Not to worry, Yolly's ihaw-ihaw is near mercury drugs and Baler Municipal Hall this establishment can easily be located.

Lovessssterr at Yolly's Ihaw -ihaw.

After eating , we checked-in at Pacific Waves Inn, details are listed below along with other hotels/inn that I truly recommend. The place was actually nice, we stayed it the annex since the Main building was undergoing renovations. It was comfortable and the attendant was nice, she even lent a pot of hot water for our coffee during the morning. It was an AC room with Hot &Cold showers and comes in a really cheap price.

Then we went driving around for 2 days going to famous places in Baler. The handy dandy waze application and Google maps helped us in finding the places. Don't forget to share the photos on Google Photosphere so that other people  will be able to see the beauty of the different places.

Without further ado, I give to you the majestic and wonderful places we've been in Baler, Aurora, Philippines. 

P.S if you want to go to the tourist spots in Baler, Aurora you can do so by hiring a tricycle to take you around the place for the whole day which may cost around PHP1000-PHP1500 (22USD - 32USD).

1. Ampere Beach - the rocky beach of Dipaculao. 
If you are a good swimmer you can try swimming here since the water near the shore is already quite deep. The octupus hunter I asked said that after only a few steps from the rocky shore, some areas are already 6-10 feet. 

Ampere Beach 

Ampere beach - the rocky beach 

Octopus Hunter at Ampere Beach 

My handy 2 years old pair of slippers, given to me by one of my
besties from Australia. Thanks Ryanna and Michi! 

2. Balete or The Millennium Tree 
This is a 600 years old Balete (Banyan ) tree that was designated as the Millennium Tree of the Philippines. This is also the largest tree of that kind in Asia, it would take 60 men, holding each others at arms length. 

Just hangin' at the largest Balete Tree in Asia :) 

panoramic photo of the 60mtr Balete Tree

3. Caunayan Falls
The Caunayan falls located in Barangay l. Pimentel. Caunayan is much easier to trek. It is also pleasant venue for picnic and outings. The water here is ice cold and really refreshing, it would be a bit challenging to get into the water at first. 

Fresh water running the rocky bottom of Caunayan Trail

Make shift bamboo bridge at Caunayan Falls

Caunayan Falls at L.Pimentel

Caunayan Falls, L.Pimentel

4. Diguisit Beach
Diguisit Beach is located on Baler Bay near Cemento Beach. Main attraction for this beach is the rock formation found alongside the sea shore. This is the product of thousands of years the waves have pounded the rocks. This is also a white sand beach and the 30 meter rock formation is also a must see for those whose into rock climbing.

Diguisit Beach and rock formation

Diguisit Beach and rock formation

For Rent Cottages along the shore of Diguisit's White sand Beach

Brittle Star found along the shores of Diguisit Beach during low tide

5. Ermita Hill 
This area is famous for its breath taking view, atop the hill you could see on the left side Sabang Beach, on the right side are the Baler Fish Port , Diguisit beach and its rock formations. You could also see the majestic Pacific Ocean in all its glory.

Panoramic of Ermita Hill

Ermita Hill, Aurora

The view on the view deck at Ermita Hill

6. Museo de Baler, Baler Fish Port and Baler Public Market
A must have when you're at Baler are seafoods. It's very cheap and fresh, most of the seafoods are caught during the early mornings. 
Museo de Baler is near the capitol, it houses artifacts during Manuel L. Quezon's reign and also during the Spaniards colonization.

Baler Fish Port

Baler Public Market

Museo de Baler

How to get to Baler Aurora :

1. Genesis Transport Buses with terminals in Manila and Cubao offer daily morning trips to Baler. Travel time is approximately 4-6 hours.

Contact Number : (02) 709 - 0803 / (02) 421 - 1425
Address : G/F Genesis Transport Building
704 EDSA Corner New York St., Cubao, Quezon City, Philippines 1109

2. Provincial Buses and Vans-for-rent stationed at the Cabanatuan Central Terminal offer daily trips to Dingalan, Baler and Dilasag. Travel time is 2 hours, 4 hours and 8 hours respectively.

3. For Private vehicle 
Aurora Province can be reached via two road networks-Maria Aurora-Pantabangan Road and Baler-Bongabon Road.

Where to Stay :
Note : These are a list of places that I highly recommend, most I have stayed for a night and the rest I have been & seen but was not able to stay.

1. Pacific Waves Inn 
Purok2, Brgy. Sabang Baler Aurora
Website :
FB page :
Email :
Contact : (+63) 917 - 8950276 (Main)/ (+63) 928 - 8011888 (Annex)

Brgy. Sabang, Baler, Aurora
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