Sunday, April 14, 2013

Boracay Island, Philippines

Boracay Island, Philippines
Boracay Island, Philippines

Finally, visited one of the most famous beach in the world the "Island of Boracay". It was when my best friend (elly) who is now living in Australia went for a vacation here in the Philippines. We bonded, talked a lot, catch-up on the last 4 years that we haven't seen each other and explored Boracay. So here are some sample photos that reflects how much fun we had and the beauty of the white sand beach that Boracay is famous for.

Photos : All Rights Reserved to Tigran Corpuz

During our island hopping trip we stopped at Puka Beach. Where it is famous for Puka Shells.
It's a beautiful island, but please do not buy buko juice here its a bit expensive (it costs about 100PHP or USD $2.40).

outrigger canoe
Outrigger Canoe
Puka Beach, Boracay
Puka Beach, Boracay

I'm so happy to be with the sea :)

Puka Beach, Boracay
Coconut tree at Puka Beach

outrigger canoe
Island hopping boats resting at the shore

Me and Elly's Family.

Puka Shells at Puka Beach

We also did fish feeding and snorkel a bit but the wave was to strong so we decided leave and try Parasailing. It was all our first time so we were a bit jumpy and excited. It was really fun specially riding on a speed boat to get to the para sail boat. The tour guide was kind enough to let me maneuver the speed boat a bit, i felt like i owned the sea. hehehe.

All excited for parasailing.

The Reyes boys enjoying the fishes swimming under their feet.

We have been friends since we were 8 years old.

On the speed boat. Happy and excited :D

Me -- "driving like a boss" hehehe

para sailing

Happy :D.  

Love on top <3. 

But since it's our first official trip together, so we had a bit of r&r time. We rode the ATV for about an hour and it was really fun, though its not allowed to speed up but we were a bit naughty and raced our way on top of Mt. Luho. :P

He wanted to take a picture of the sunset, so we opted to try Paraw Sailing. It was fun, relaxing and romantic at the same time.

We enjoyed parasailing.... sweet <3
Sunset at Boracay

Pink Sky
And to conclude our stay, we watched men and women perform fire dancing.

Boracay at night

Fire dancers doing their thing


  1. Your photos show how you really enjoy and how beautiful Boracay really is. Great shots! Good job! :)

    1. Thanks a lot ! it is indeed beautiful:)

  2. Thanks for sharing your great experience in Boracay. I really loved this place that's why I'm almost planning to buy a real estate in Boracay for future investments.

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