Saturday, June 8, 2013

Starfish Island, Palawan - Philippines

Another leg of our vacation/birthday celebration I planned a Honda Bay Tour, since my goal is to finish all the 13 island. For my second visit, we went to Starfish Island and Pandan Island. Since our trip was cut short due to change of schedule we had only 2 island stops. But still, we enjoyed the 2 island.....a lot! *big grin*

By this time, from light brown color I think my skin turned super tan. Since we were always out when we were staying in Dos Palmas the previous day, but this is just the way I like my skin :D. Pinay na pinay pero singkit :P.

Starfish Island is near Pambato Reef, aroud 20-30min boat ride from the dock at Lourdes Pier. The island is a bit small, and there were a lot of mangroves on the middle of the island same as that of Luli island. According to our boat men, there are saltwater crocodile (but very small) on some of the mangroves there. Which stopped us from walking near the mangroves (very sad i wanted to see a live tamilok).

Starfish Island

Welcome to Starfish Island. With our handy photographer tripod and
wireless trigger. :)

From the name of the island you'd know what's abundant in the area. So there we were after taking some snapshot like were doing a pre-nup (but there's no plan so whatever your thinking its not it!), we decided to buckle up our life vest secure our goggles and head off to the sea to see some live starfishes. And damn we forgot to put sun block againnnnn :'(. We might turn charcoal this time. haha.

ohh this is my banner photo... hehehe. Using my iphone's panorama


His new found hobby -- Beach hopping
 *finally i have someone who could be a beach bum like me*

The Sand Bar on Starfish Island during low tide.

Walking on the sand bar. 

You put your arms around me and I'm home

Outrigger Canoe

Father and Daughter

The water is not as clear as that of the other island of Honda bay, but still visible enough. It was raining 2 days before we arrived in Palawan so the water is a bit unclear. The sea here is uneven and slanting. Some parts in the middle are shoulder deep, and the parts near the shore are deeper so be very careful.

Hopefully, on my birthday next year will go to El Nido then stay in Puerto Princesa for a day and hire a private boat so I can finish the remaining 8 islands in Honda Bay. As promised, he would accompany me on this adventure. I'm so excited....

So here are some photos of our stay in Starfish island I hope this will help you visualize.

He's happy because our swimming lessons have paid off.
3 more sessions to go :D and our next vacation no more life vest!

Lone Starfish

A group of starfish


This is actually a different group

I love the sea....and my big thigh (hahaha)

Trying my yoga pose... still needs to practice yoga.


  1. Wooww...Very nice place. I love spending holidays onn the beach...

    1. Hi Srisahara,
      You're a beach bummer too. that's nice to know. Hope you'll have a holiday soon. Regards!


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